24/7 Emergency Plumber Servicing North Brisbane

Charlies Plumbing and Gas Solutions provide a 24/7 and after hours’ emergency plumbing service for North Brisbane suburbs including Aspley, Albany Creek, Mitchelton, Chermside and surrounding areas. Our experienced team of qualified plumbers are available at short notice and we carry all of the required equipment to take care of all common plumbing emergencies.

Common plumbing emergencies we attend to include:

  • No water
  • Dirty water
  • Toilet blockages
  • Hot water system failures
  • Burst pipes

Give us a call on 0410 659 041 if you’ve got an urgent plumbing emergency that requires immediate attention.

Burst Pipes:

If you have call us on 0410 659 041 straight away . If you’re confident in your ability to locate your water mains box and turn it off before we get there, we’d be happy to guide you over the phone on how to do it; it’s quite simple and could potentially save you thousands of dollars in property damage.

No Water:

Not having a supply of drinking water available is inconvenient, unhygienic and for some of our customers, potentially life threatening if not responded to quickly. Get in touch with us immediately if you’ve suddenly lost access to your water. Similarly, if you’ve noticed all your potable water taps are dispensing dirty, contaminated water, give us a call and we’ll be out right away.

Toilet Blockages:

We only recommend calling outside of business hours for toilet blockages that occur in single bathrooms. We’ll still prioritise our response for other toilet blockages, but we advise just waiting it out if you have more than one toilet, as emergency callout fees are higher than those during standard business hours.

Hot Water System Failures:

Give us a call if your hot water system has failed and we’ll be out to you as soon as possible. We work on all brands and all types of hot water systems, including gas, electric and solar. Our vehicles are equipped with general replacements parts for simple repairs, and we can usually order in specialised parts, depending on the age and brand of your hot water system.

We’re effective and accurate in our diagnoses. We’ll give you the names of some reputable local electricians if we identify the fault as an electrical one. If specialised parts or a complete system replacement is required, we can install a temporary hot water system of our own to hold you through for a few days until the parts arrive.

Emergency Plumber

Get in touch with Charlies Plumbing and Gas Solutions to book our North Brisbane emergency plumber. Call 0410 659 041