Renovations & Extensions

North Brisbane Plumbing Renovations

The experienced team at Charlies Plumbing and Gas Solutions perform North Brisbane plumbing renovations for kitchen and bathroom projects. We’re staffed by a team with close to two decades of experience and have worked on countless new install and retro-fit installation projects. Our knowledge in the field is second-to-none, and we work tirelessly to ensure your new plumbing system works seamlessly with the existing piping.

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Plumbing Renovation Services:

We can perform just about every kind of plumbing service required to renovate or extend your home, from new connections and plumbing design to colour-matched roof and gutter extensions, we’ve done it all. Our team understand how to efficiently design plumbing systems that integrate properly with your existing system. All plumbing infrastructure that we design and install is carefully thought out and future-proofed by taking into account your future intentions for the property.

Common renovation work we perform includes:

  • Vanity unit installation
  • Roof extensions & guttering
  • Under slab and wall piping
  • Gas installation
  • Fixture and tap installation
  • Rainwater tank installation
  • Hot water system installation / upgrade / relocation

We’ll carefully schedule everything to ensure minimal disruptions are made to the rest of the plumbing in your home throughout the renovation process. Get in touch with us to arrange a quote; if you don’t have a plan we can give you a rough estimate with planning recommendations to give to your builder.

Scheduling for Owner Renovators:

We communicate effectively with all other trades throughout the process to ensure the renovation runs as smoothly as possible and can help you put together a schedule for your project.

The schedule for your build will depend on what kind of renovation you wish to perform and the kind of structure you’re renovating. Often, different trades will need to come back multiple times for preparation and final fitting work between the structural stages of renovation. We can set out a plan based on our industry experience to ensure there’s no problems for the electricians, tilers and builders. If you’d like, we can even recommend a few local tradesmen.

North Brisbane Plumbing Renovations

Get in touch with Charlies Plumbing and Gas Solutions to discuss your upcoming renovation project and organise a quote for the plumbing. Call 0410 659 041