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Gas Repairs, Servicing & Appliance Installations

Charlies Plumbing and Gas Solutions are certified gas fitters providing appliance installation and gas repair services in the North Brisbane area. We’re equipped to repair all gas faults from the meter onwards, including leak repair, line modification, appliance repair and installation. All modifications and repairs come with a certificate for peace of mind. We work with our customers to ensure they get the most bang for buck out of their gas installation, finding the right appliances and gas line solutions that match their budget and intended usage.

Give us a call on 0410 659 041 to speak to one of our professional gas fitters.

Emergency Gas Line Repairs:

Usually, gas leaks are detected either via smell or light-headedness. If you’ve noticed a gas leak in your house, we encourage you and any other occupants to vacate the structure immediately and turn off the gas at the mains meter. After that, give us a call and we’ll be out to you right away to identify the leak and take care of it safely and effectively. Gas leaks are a serious safety hazard and deserve prompt response to prevent injury.

Appliance Installation and Repairs:

We install, replace and repair gas appliances in the North Brisbane area. Our experienced team are equipped with decades of knowledge and experience to work on all makes and models of gas appliances, solving common ignition problems and replacing faulty units. We’ve performed plenty of gas line modifications and are proficient in safe and efficient gas line modifications to cater for extra appliances.

Our gas appliance installation services include:

  • Heaters
  • Hot water systems
  • Ovens
  • Stoves
  • BBQ installation and gas line conversion

Gas Repairs and Appliance Installations

Get in touch with Charlies Plumbing and Gas Solutions to discuss our full range of gas line repairs and appliance installation services. Call 0410 659 041